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American Hunting Terrier Association

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Jagdterrier Breed Club



Mission Statement of the AHTA The Jagdterrier Breed Club

The mission of the American Hunting Terrier Association – The Jagdterrier Breed Club is to provide Jagdterrier breeders with the tools and knowledge to evaluate their breeding stock through examinations, testing, competition in order to maintain and improve the unique, versatile hunting character of the Jagdterrier in America.

Preliminary Goals

*To identify individuals interested in developing the Jagdterrier breed through the Spring & Fall, Regional Terrier Trials

*To introduce the versatile character of the breed at those trials through beginning and introductory natural ability and versatility tests

*To develop club membership from the those interested in using the club format to further their own breeding programs and the mission of the American Hunting Terrier Association

Continuing Goals

*To develop a program of testing, examinations, and competitions applicable to the American hunting dog

*To implement that program regionally and nationally with an annual basis and schedule 

*To apply those testing outcomes through the formation of a registry and breeding approval system



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